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      It is a project of SOL SOLIS IT Solutions registered under Kerala Government (Register Number:3845/2010). By online and through franchisee it acts as a bridge between those who seeks their perfect life partner.
  1. Registration at both Bride and Groom level has a nominal registration fee which is non-refundable under any circumstance.

  2. SOL SOLIS IT Solutions or www.malayalimarriage.com does not ensure MARRIAGE just by registering into the site, but it can act as platform or opportunity to get exposed into various users searching for perfect bride and grooms.

  3. The registration fee collected from the candidate is for providing their BIODATA and details in www.malayalimarriage.com for a period of two months (which can be renewed within two months without any additional fees) by which they get exposed in the matrimony market. The registration at candidate level does not ensure MARRIAGE but registered candidates will be exposed to others who are seeking for their partners. It is your/users choice to select their suitable profile from available database and we have no role in post registration process.

  4. The registered user has complete freedom to accept or reject when other candidates shows interest in their profile. It is individuals/registered users responsibility that they are dealing with genuine parties and to make sure that their details provided in the site are true in personal or family matters. Company does not responsible for the genuinity of the data provided in the sites because it is entered by user themselves and is not verified by the company/franchisee/its representatives

  5. Photos are uploaded into their profile at their own responsibility. Eventhough the site has its own security system, it may fails some times. When anyone misuse the photo/details uploaded by the users SOL SOLIS or www.malayalimarriage.com will not take any responsibility of that

  6. SOL SOLIS or www.malayalimarriage.com does not demands/accept any amount as service charge/commission or payment by any other means after registration from the candidate when they are get married or when they are decided to marry. Then only amount we are collecting from the user is just a nominal registration fee for uploading their profile in www.malayalimarriage.com

  7. SOL SOLIS or www.malayalimarriage.com will never responsible for any financial/social or other loss of users at any circumstance.

  8. Candidates are advised not to provide any financial commitment/advance/commission/service charge to anybody on behalf of SOL SOLIS www.malayalimarriage.com for getting married after registering into the site since we does not encourage/accept/promote/ any such dealing through our site.

  9. SOL SOLIS or www.malayalimarriage.com never will be responsible for any financial/social loss to the user when dealing with another user registered in our site.

  10. SOL SOLIS or www.malayalimarriage.com can sell/use the details/biodata of the candidate at suitable level

  11. We are taking registration at candidate level not for an existing proposal, we are just making a database of candidates those who would like to exchange their profile through us for a getting a suitable wedding proposal.

  12. SOL SOLIS or www.malayalimarriage.com does not guarantee the availability of profiles which are suitable for each registered users based on their criteria. It is registered users responsibility to identify the suitable candidate/profile from the available database of www.malayalimarriage.com or to wait until suitable candidates/profiles get registered which match their criteria and demands. The registration fee once paid by the candidate never will be refundable at any circumstance

  13. It is registered users/individuals responsibility to check the identity, qualification, personnel, professional and family details provided by another candidate is genuine/valid before forwarding the proposal. SOL SOLIS or www.malayalimarriage.com never responsible if one user misleading another by providing wrong information/false profile. The database of the candidates are entering by the candidates themselves and we never verify their identity, qualification, personnel, family or professional details. User must make sure that the profile is genuine and satisfactory in all aspects before they proceeding with a proposal.

  14. Any legal issues related to our service is restricted to Thrissur Judiciary
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