It is a project of SOL SOLIS IT Solutions registered under Kerala Government (Register Number: 3845/2010). By online and through franchisee it acts as a bridge between Employers and job seekers within and outside Kerala.
  1. Registration at both Employer and Candidate level has a nominal registration fee which is non-refundable under any circumstance.

  2. SOL SOLIS IT Solutions or does not ensure any JOB for registered candidates instead it act as platform or opportunity to get exposed into various vacancies available in the market

  3. The registration fee collected from the candidate is for providing their BIODATA and details in for a period of one year by which they get exposed in the job market. The registration at candidate level does not ensure JOB but registered candidates will be exposed to JOB market when employers registered for their vacancies. Its employers choice to select the candidate and its candidates choice to select the Employer, and we have no role in post registration process.

  4. The candidate has complete freedom to accept or reject the offer of an employer. It is candidates responsibility that they are accepting a secure JOB in all aspects and SOL SOLIS or is never responsible, if the company does not provide offered benefits/salary for the candidate.

  5. SOL SOLIS or does not demands/accept any amount as service charge/commission or any other means after registration from the candidate when they are get employed. Then only amount we are collecting from candidate is just a nominal registration fee currently it is Rs.500 + service tax (Rs.552).

  6. SOL SOLIS or will never responsible for any financial/social or other loss of candidates at any circumstance.

  7. Candidates are advised not to provide any financial commitment/advance/commission/service charge to the EMPLOYER for getting placed and to make sure that they are genuine in all aspects.

  8. SOL SOLIS or never will be responsible for any financial/social loss to the candidate in the dealing between them and employer

  9. SOL SOLIS or can sell/use the details/biodata of the candidate at EMPLOYER level

  10. We are taking registration at candidate level not for an existing vacancy, we are just making a database of candidates which can be provided for Employers/Company's when they are get registered or looking for a suitable candidate

  11. The registered EMPLOYER can post their vacancies in the site for a period of one year. In addition to nominal registration fee they have to pay a fixed amount for the BIODATA if they needed candidates BIODATA with contact details from

  12. SOL SOLIS or does not guarantee the number of candidates which are suitable for Employers. Its employers responsibility to identify the suitable candidate from the database of or to wait until suitable candidates get registered

  13. Registration fee at EMPLOYER level is just for providing their details in the site and to post their vacancies in the site. It does not means that we are binding to provide suitable candidates for those EMPLOYERS

  14. When an employer get registered their LOGO or details can be used for the advertisement/promotional activities of or SOL SOLIS IT Solutions
  15. It is employers responsibility to check the identity, qualification and experience and suitability of the candidate. The data base of the candidates are entering by the candidates themselves and we never verify their identity, qualification or experience. Employer should make sure that candidates are genuine and eligible in all aspects before they are get appointed. SOL SOLIS or will never responsible for any financial/social or other loss of Employer due to the candidate
  16. Any legal issues related to our service is restricted to Thrissur Judiciary